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Liir had been determined to extract a promise to end his isolation from Gilbert at the time. If he'd kissed him he'd have been rewarding that behavior. He didn't have such a problem anymore. He closed his eyes when Gilbert's lips opened against his and...

...he was small and scared and someone was doing something to him that he wished would stop. That was all he could glean from the conversation and the remembered feelings, besides the non, non, as he spoke little French. Liir is truly disturbed for the first time in a while. Perhaps more than his memories of Bandar.

He comes out of it shaken, does his best to compose himself, which is pretty good. The boy he was metamorphisizes into the young man pressed against him.

"Sorry. It's...been a while."
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NAME: Liir Thropp
CANON: The Wicked Years
AGE: 17
APPEARANCE: <a href=>[1]</a> <A href=>[2]</a>

Liir is a tall young man, with straight black hair. Though his facial features are handsome, he's still kindof bony and gangly. When he blushes or flushes, it's green, like his mother. Despite being the dark skinned Fiyero Tigelaar's son, he's rather pale.

PERSONALITY: The first impression one usually gets of Liir is that he's rather quiet and awkward. This is natural, given his upbringing. Growing up in isolated Kiamo Ko, his only subsequent socialization was in the army. He speaks less than most people and when he does it sounds formal, or perhaps a bit stilted, depending on who you ask. It's not just natural introversion; he often feels as if he doesn't know what to say to people even when he does want to be around them. Thus you shouldn't expect much in the way of small talk from him. The habits of army life have also made him neat, detail oriented and used to a spartan existence. That isn't to say he wouldn't enjoy luxury if he had it. But he doesn't usually believe such things are open to him. He won't be given to excess regardles.

Liir's mother was his primary influence and it shows. From her he got a dry, cynical sense of humor. He also inherited a keen sense of justice, though he kept this sense suppressed throughout his teen years and it has only recently reasserted itself. Liir is keen on doing the right thing now and often spends long periods meditating on the future consequences of his choices. This can make him seem indecisive and slow. However once he figures out what he believes to be the best (or least worst) option in any situation, he goes after it tenaciously. He has her fellow-feeling for the downtrodden and underdog, even as he knows that oppression isn't necessarily ennobling. He might be susceptible to Magneto's mutant radicalism, but only after careful consideration and study of both points of view. Finally, he received from her a thirst for knowledge and understanding of the world. He had previously thought himself rather stupid, having no reading material but Elphaba's references. This has changed recently. But where Elphaba thirsted for knowledge in order to change the world, Liir does from natural curiosity and a desire to not be blindsided by change. Despite not being verbose or at all good at making speeches, he loves debate, where he will usually cut into his opponent's arguments with a single insightful sentence.

Liir has ambivalent feelings about his legacy as Elphaba's son. He often feels that he isn't good enough to live up to it (his assesment of her as a pretty terrible mother is not contradicted by his admiration for her as a political figure) and thus tries not to emphasize it, afraid of dissappointing those who admired her. Though he saw Elphaba as someone who acted on history and changed it, he feels himself more as someone who history acts upon. Events have a way of sweeping him up, and though he's often the center of them, he does not feel as if he has control over them. Being at Xavier's may change that for him and he may begin to think of himself as someone who's capable of changing the world in his own right, and not just as a channel for the Elphaba personality cult. As I mentioned, this does not contradict his assesment of her as a terrible mother. She was cold and standoffish to him (and everyone else) throughout his childhood, and he's entirely aware that his upbringing was substandard. He harbors resentment for that. Yet he still loved her, still grieved for her death. More than anyone else save Fiyero and Glinda Upland, he saw the semi-broken, self loathing person behind the image of the Witch of the West. It's a strange feeling having to pity your own parent when you're still a child, one he still has trouble with as a young adult.

Liir is the classic glass-half-empty type. He's generally the first to assume a situation will go south and, if allowed to speak, will offer unhelpful but sometimes funny commentary on the futility of the action. He doesn't spare himself from this pessimism either, as he says in canon: 'I learned failure early, and mastered it.' Don't let that make you think he's deppressed or unwilling to act on his goals though. Despite his morose outlook, he still works tenaciously towards the goals he sets for himself. It's not that he believes he'll reach them. He simply doesn't think of not trying as an option. When he gets knocked down, he picks himself back up again, muttering all the while about how he knew that would happen and what a stupid thing he was doing. Also, his conviction that things will go wrong means he always has at least one backup plan.

For someone so seemingly taciturn, Liir has quite a bit of feeling for the few people he does let get close. He's not effusive in his affections but will instead stick close to them, like a loyal hound. His caring is gruff but trues and the bonds he forms are lifelong. On that note, I'll be playing his sexuality as it is in canon: bisexual and open to polyamory, though he's definitely not prone to casual flings. Emphasis on the 'amor' in 'polyamory', you might say. At the point I'm taking him from he's clearly still in love with Trism and their seperation hurts him but he doesn't believe it possible for them to be together.

Despite his powers giving him the ability to communicate with animals, he doesn't feel any kind of special kinship to them, excep for a more general kinship for the downtrodden. He finds some of the 'cool' animals downright annoying: owls are just plain dumb, dolphins are the bros of the sea and lions, well, he can say from experience that they're not at all as brave as they often claim to be. The patient, sharp thinking of spiders, however, he finds refreshing. As for cats, he finds them hypocritical mooches, despite the expectation that the son of a 'witch' would like them.

In summary, Liir is a callow lad, ambivalent with the legacy he's been given and the roles he's had to play, but still figuring out who he really is, and covering up that insecurity with a thick layer of cynicism. In other words, a classic teenager.

POWERS/ABILITIES: Liir has the ability to copy the physical features of any animal he has had the opportunity to study up close and in detail. Thus if he copies a cat, he gains fur, night vision, more sensitive hearing, claws, etc. If he copies a cockroach he gains segmented legs, sensitivity to light, antennae, etc.

He can also communicate with animals, assuming they wish to communicate with him and they have anything to say (a big if on both parts). He speaks and they reply in whatever way is natural for them as a species.

Both of these powers apply to genetically engineered or otherwise altered animals as well as humans.

AU HISTORY: The island of Oz is a large but isolated archipelago in the north Atlantic. Its climate ranges from comparable to the south of France and Germany in the northern industrial heartland of the Gillikin mountains to semi-tropical plains in  the west and extensive swamps in the south. Its people are similarly diverse, ranging from the descendants of European settlers in the capitol of Emerald City and Gillikin, to Qua'di people in the south and the descendants of sailors from South and Southwestern Asia in the western mountains and plains. Oz's isolation is enforced by very dangerous winds and currents, a belt of desert and mountains encircling it and a near complete absence of usable harbors. Some also say it was the Ozmas themselves that kept the archipelago protected/isolated (which it was is a matter of who you ask). For hundreds of years it was ruled by a hereditary monarch, the eponymous Ozma, an ancient dynasty that intermarried with the settlers. A few attribute Oz's isolation to the Ozmas being themselves powerful mutants, speculation which is at this point unproven. This isolation gives Oz an anachronistic character, with fashion and languages from decades to hundreds of years ago prominent everywhere but among the tiny elite of the Emerald City. Oz's few mutants are still commonly referred to as witches, warlocks, mages, etc.
     However some seventy years ago, Oscar Zoroaster Diggs, eventually known by almost all as The Wizard Of Oz for his skill in bringing the archipelago into the modern era, arrived in a dirigible from America and clawed his way to power, deposing the Ozmas in a brutal coup. Magnetically attractive to the northerners and denizens of the Emerald City, to whom he brought prosperity by rapid industrialization of the north and an environmentally destructive plundering of the resources of everywhere else.

Popular discontent with The Wizard rose rapidly among all other Ozians. In that context, Elphaba Thropp, popularly known as the Witch of the West emerged. Clearly a mutant, she would become a terrorist and hero of the downtrodden, from laborers to stray dogs, the kind of person who, if Oz weren't so isolated, would adorn the walls of university students the world over. For decades she engaged in sporadic guerilla actions against the Wizard.
    Elphaba eventually retired to her lover's ancestral home at Kiamo Ko, in the western mountains. Isolating herself, she began looking for a way to take down the Wizard through increasingly bizarre experimentation, trying to use her powers to create animals capable of taking on the best of Oz's army. There Liir was born, the product of an affair between her and Fiyero Tigelaar, whose family had been active in local government since feudal times. Sorrounded by a family that viewed him with suspicion (Fiyero's wife and other children also lived at Kiamo Ko) and with the cold and bitter Elphaba for his only real parent, it's no wonder Liir ended up as socially awkward as he is as a teenager. His only friend among the Tigelaars was his half sister Ilianora, who shielded him from her brothers' bullying.
    When Liir was 13 years old, Dorothy Gale arrived in Oz, in an accident that would kill Elphaba's sister Nessarose. Arriving in Emerald City, she received a commission from the Wizard: kill Elphaba and he would send her home. Whether this was because he could somehow tell that Dorothy was a mutant, because he thought that setting an impossible task for her would keep her in Oz forever and thus distract from his own corrupt governance, because he mistook Nessarose's death for hostility towards the Thropps or because he'd simply gone a little soft in the onion is not yet known.
    Dorothy's fulfilling of the commission was entirely by accident. Horrified by what was asked of her, Dorothy began journeying towards Kiamo Ko, (where it was now an open secret to anyone but the Wizard's bungling intelligence service that Elphaba was hiding out) intending to warn her of the danger she was in. Thinking that Dorothy was indeed there to kill her, Elphaba unleashed all the powers at her disposal to waylay and destroy her party from afar, sending out animals she'd altered with her abilities in an attempt to find a shortcut to deposing the Wizard. Dorothy, who was never that bright, weathered (hah) them all and stormed the door to Kiamo Ko, hoping to find the witch before the wizard's forces did. Mad with anger and grief, Elphaba stormed out to confront Dorothy. An exploding experiment caught her robes on fire and Dorothy, thinking to help her, grabbed a bucket of water kept nearby for such emergencies, and splashed it over her, resulting in Elphaba's gruesome death. Or so Dorothy Gale claims, anyway.
    Having tailed her the whole way, the wizard's forces stormed Kiamo Ko. Liir, hiding in the attic, felt his powers manifest for the first time, and he glided off into the forest on dove's wings.  The last thing he saw of it was the soldiers dragging Ilianora away. Cutting ahead of her, Liir would eventually meet up with Dorothy and her crew after she started back towards Emerald City, his powers sufficing to keep him disguised. Dorothy was Liir's first crush, and though he mooned over her, she saw him as a little callow and pitiable. He was not present for the events that would lead to the Wizard's deposition, having parted with Dorothy to make his way to Southstairs, the infamous prison where he believed Ilianora to be held. In the chaos that followed, Ilianora escaped before Liir could find her and the Wizard was overthrown, replaced by president-for-life and religious fanatic Shell Thropp, Elphaba's slimy younger brother. Now lacking purpose, he wandered vaguely back towards the EC.
    Liir spent some time as one of the many anonymous street children the capital was accumulating. Hunger brought him to a recruiting station, where he joined the army (the Ozian army willing to look the other way for any lad willing to put on uniform). A short period of training later and he was off to the south, as part of a unit sent to quell dissent there, ironically under the command of General Cherrystone, who commanded the raid on Kiamo Ko.
    In his time as a soldier, Liir did things he doesn't talk about. To put it simply, to clear the southerners out of their traditional dwellings and drain the swamps, the Ozian military was committing war crimes, and as a foot soldier, he participated in them. Rotated back to the EC, Liir found himself disgusted with the army and starting to see why his mother was always raving about injustice.
    There he'd meet Trism Bon Cavalish, specialist and, it was admitted while they were both deep in their cups, secret mutant himself.This shared secret brought them together and it wasn't long before they were lovers. Trism was as disgusted with the army as Liir was and revealed to him the brass's ultimate plan for the research that had been seized from Elphaba: having bred some of her modified animals to use as mutant-sniffers, the mutants of Oz would be rounded up, to be used as the Ozian army's new special force.
    Late at night, Trism used his credentials to enter the project's complex. Working together, the two of them managed to do irreperable damage to the project. The mutant sniffing animals perished in the flames and the two fled their old lives. They parted tearfully, knowing that they'd each stand a better chance alone. On the run and alone again, Liir was resigned to a life of homelessness or death by firing squad, when Cerebro found him.



I'm keeping you because, in writing my thoughts down, I might be able to see myself from the outside, perhaps to see my own flaws more clearly. With my thoughts externalized maybe...Well I don't know what comes after that 'maybe' but I intuit it's something good for me.

Maybe I'll start with something outside myself, actually. My fellow mutants...Well, this is the first time I've seen so many of them in one place. If we tried anything like this back on Oz, we'd have villagers coming after us with torches and pitchforks. (Note: Must stop comparing things to 'Back In Oz'; easy way to set up assumptions that come back to bite me in the ass). Anyway, there's such a diversity in them. There are the obviously deformed, who would be subject to severe prejudice <s>back in Oz</s> anywhere slightly less tolerant, those with a small thing different about them, maybe wings or horns (or green skin? no, of course no such luck) and those apparently human, who seem the most confident. Figures. They got all the 'Superior' part of 'Homo Superior' and seemingly none of the drawbacks.

Haven't spoken to any of my classmates in a non class-related context yet. Still trying to decide if any of them are interesting.

Trying this again tomorrow. I don't think it's working. Don't feel any more self-aware at all.



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